San Francisco is most famous for its tourism activities, industrial, commercial and financial activities, making it a higher-income county in the United States. The vast activities and higher per capita income play a significant role in housing and rental services within the county. The rough and hilly demographic nature of the city and high population supersedes the accommodation available. This demographic makes a living in San Francisco expensive as the rental market becomes competitive with a high rate of rental charges. 

Living and dealing in this competitive rental market calls for the know-how of the neighborhoods and requires prior planning and determination. The following tips are helpful to carry out when renting a house in San Francisco:


Timely plan when in need of renting an apartment in San Francisco real estate by considering the best time to acquire a home. To purchase a house with a lower rental cost, consider renting in the winter. When the apartment listings are out, be proactive, and contact the owner directly instead of only relying on the online platforms. This behavior provides a better chance to acquire a rental house by fully expressing to the landlord your capabilities. 

To maximize your chances for hitting an approval to have the house, organize any relevant documents such as personal ID, employment document, paycheck, and recommendation documents from other landlords, if any. Also, keep yourself updated on the changes in rental and market laws to counter disappointments. 


Set the budget of what you want to acquire as per what you have and require. Put into account the size of a house you need, either a one-bedroom or maybe a two-bedroom house plus its cost and consider a down payment of a security deposit and a nonrefundable application cost. The total will give you a rough estimate of the cost to acquire a house in San Francisco real estate. The budget for San Francisco homes for sale accrues a nonrefundable fee, value of the home, and tax fee costs. In case you own a car, consider putting into consideration the cost of parking space. Consider renting a house in a neighborhood of only single families since it has the parking space and driveways at an affordable price and is convenient. 

San Francisco houses tend to cost higher in the summer season and cost less in the winter period. It is economical to rent a home in the winter if you do not want to incur ma lot of costs on rent. In San Francisco city, the cost of an apartment goes for $3783 as per January 2020.

Quality and neighborhood

Houses for sale in San Francisco are archetypal because of their housing and structural building types. San Francisco real estate has a diverse culture and a variety of neighborhoods for living in. The best quality of a house or apartment covers and meets most of yours. The house should meet the needs of the parents and children. The family should choose a secure neighborhood with ample space for children to play in. When renting a house in San Francisco, consider the quality of the housing provided and the best community that fits your desire. For the neighborhood, put into consideration the location of the workplace concerning the dwelling, access to other social amenities such as health centers and schools.


During the summer period in San Francisco, the fog rolls into the city in the morning, and by around 11:00 AM, burns off. The fog kicks back into the city during the day at around 6:00 PM. This tendency inconveniences those who commute for work as they hardly ever see sunshine in their neighborhood. It is advisable to place a rent application during the winter since, during the summer, it is the busiest period when rent applications come in.

Crime and Safety

San Francisco real estate crimes are not statistically proven. Getting a house for renting in San Francisco considers taking a look at the police records within the city so you can evaluate the crime prevailing in the city.

Having a safe neighborhood is everyone’s desire to live happily. The safety of neighbors differs from one person to another according to each person’s perspective. Put into consideration what your safety measures are and evaluate the neighborhood according to your criteria. Avoid a house around the bridges in San Francisco if your insecurity lies in the perspective of the homeless.

Commute means

The means of travel to and fro while living in San Francisco homes for sale is essential for daily life. These means include a shuttle bus, driving yourself, and using a Caltrain. When renting a house in the city, consider the means you have, or you prefer. If you own a car and you prefer driving yourself to and fro, find a neighborhood near freeways entrance and with less traffics lights. Also, consider living in a community with single-family apartments that has parking space and driveways to avoid incurring parking charges. In case you prefer to commute using Caltrain, consider getting a house near any of the three Caltrain stops within San Francisco. If you prefer commuting utilizing the shuttle bus, find a neighborhood that you can manage to walk to the station conveniently. 

Restaurant and nightlife access

Living and being a resident in San Francisco houses calls for extravagance, and hence most of its neighborhoods provide restaurant and entertainment activities. To have a taste of living in San Francisco, consider renting a home close to the restaurants, bars, and sports. To experience these extravagances conveniently at any time, consider renting a house in the neighborhood of Polk Street, Pacific Heights, and Hayes Valley, which are most ranked.

San Francisco has a wide range of world-class hotels and restaurants and due to its classic nature, houses for sale in San Francisco are generally hectic and rare to get due to the competitive rental market. The above tips are much helpful to implement when renting a house in San Francisco. The tips will help you to competitively secure the less available houses and apartments, get the best neighbors who are safe and convenient at your affordable cost.